Our fleet includes two T.K.4.7. trailer rentals at this time. The T.K.4..7. is purpose-built to follow you anywhere. Its compact footprint and low center of gravity allow this rugged camper to traverse the most difficult terrain with ease. Perfect for the solo traveler or cozy couple who wish to get to those hard to reach destinations.

The cure for camper claustrophobia. The wing wall allows you to enjoy a little more of the outdoors when there is a want to be inside. Lie in bed and watch the waves, find a cool breeze on a sweltering summer night or just take in the amazing view. It’s the window to your world.

The removable deck plate allows you to hop inside without jumping right into bed with muddy shoes and gives you a place to remove and store said muddy shoes, without hiding them at the end of the bed or needing to leave them outside under the camper.

Bend truck rental

Do you need a way to tow this trailer?
Rent our Power Wagon!

Earn $$$! If you purchase an Overkill Camper upon returning from your Overkill Campers Experience, one night of the base rental price will be applied directly to your trailer order if you mention the Overkill Campers Experience when you fill out the order form.


All Trailers Include…


  • Camper mattress

  • 2″ – 4″ high resilience foam

Bedroom Comforts

  • 2 Klymit drift camp pillows

  • Heater with digital thermostat

  • Vent fan
  • Arctic Tern windows


  • Vitrifrigo or SnoMaster fridge
  • Partner Steel Co. stove

  • Sink with faucet


  • GSI Outdoors 2L pot

  • GSI Outdoors 3L pot
  • GSI Outdoors 8″ fry pan
  • 2 GSI Outdoors strainer lids
  • GSI Outdoors 4″ pairing knife
  • GSI Outdoors 6″ Santoku chef’s knife
  • GSI Outdoors 6″ serrated bread knife
  • GSI Outdoors cutting board
  • GSI Outdoors tongs
  • GSI Outdoors serving spoon
  • GSI Outdoors spatula
  • GSI Outdoors Halulite kettle

  • GSI Outdoors dish cloth
  • Biodegradable dish soap


  • 4 GSI Outdoors 9″ plates
  • 4 GSI Outdoors 6″ bowls & lids
  • 4 GSI Outdoors mugs & lids
  • 4 GSI Outdoors glasses
  • 4 GSI Outdoors stainless forks

  • 4 GSI Outdoors stainless spoons
  • 4 GSI Outdoors stainless knives


  • Water tank
  • On demand hot water

  • Shower


  • 2 Ironman 4×4 chairs

  • Alu-Cab awning

  • Shower & toilet tent

  • Blackpine Sports Turbo Toilet

  • 10 Wag bags per rental booking


  • Zarges boxes

  • Onboard cabinetry

Coffee Maker

  • Planetary Design french press

  • 2 Planetary Design adventure tumblers

  • Planetary Design Airscape lite
  • Planetary Design stainless scoop

Trailer Rental Details

Check-in & Checkout

  • Check-in (pick up) and walk-through for Oregon Adventure Rentals (Adventure Equipment Holdings, LLC main location in Bend and the main location in Sedona is from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Checkout (drop off) is at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.
  • Check-in (pick up) and walk-through for Oregon Adventure Rentals (Adventure Equipment Holdings, LLC secondary location in Bend is from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Checkout (drop off) is from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm.
  • Check-in (pick up) and walk-through for Oregon Adventure Trucks location is from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Checkout (drop off) is at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.
  • Check-in (pick up) and walk-through and checkout (drop off) for consigned owner’s rental units are determined by the rental unit owner.
  • Please double-check the check-in (pick up) and walk-through and checkout (drop off) time for the unit you are renting in your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, as long as you cancel more than 14 days before departure.


Pets accepted if they are well behaved, they cannot be in the cabin of the vehicle. Pets are not allowed to be on the seats of the vehicle or trailer, they must remain on the floor, in the bed, or trunk. No climbing on the roof. Absolutely no smoking inside or outside of the vehicle or camper. If you are looking to rent one of the units for a long-term trip out of the state of Oregon please email us the details of your trip for approval. The rentals have pre-set settings, do not adjust them. All renters must adhere to having zero amount/percent of alcohol and/or any substance in their systems while our rentals are being driven and/or towed. Paved roads and fire roads only, no 4×4 trails. Don’t worry, there are 1000’s of miles of roads in Oregon where you can enjoy secluded camping and immense vistas all to yourselves.


$75 cleaning fee
$25 service fee
Refundable security deposit $1500
Flip fee (no charge if returned as specified in check-in/checkout instructions) $100
Fueling fee – vehicles only (no charge if returned as specified in check-in/checkout instructions) $100

Payment Details


150 miles free per day
150 miles – 300 miles per day -$0.45 per mile
300+ miles per day $0.95 per mile