Overkill T.K.4.7 off-road camping trailer rides small but opens up for big, breezy views

Growing its lineup from the expanding S.O.5.10 caravan, Oregon’s Overkill Campers presents a lighter, simpler take on tow-anywhere camping. The T.K.4.7 rides on a similarly rugged foundation as its big brother but offers a more compact living space that blurs the boundary between inside and outside. With two of four sides taken up almost entirely by wide-opening doors, the trailer lets campers connect with the great outdoors in a way most other small trailers do not.

Last year, it was the 5.10’s slide-out expansion module and unique wraparound kitchen layout that lured us into Overkill’s Overland Expo booth, and this year it was the T.K.4.7’s wide-open doors. With a large, swinging tailgate door at the back and a flip-up wall on the passenger side, the 4.7 offers a more open, airy experience than virtually any small trailer we’ve seen, reminding us a bit of the Cricket TigerMoth. Inside, the 4.7’s pop-out bed frame panel turns the 78 x 46-in (198 x 117-cm) double bed into a seat so campers can enjoy those open-air views while sitting up or lying down.

C.C. Weiss x May 31, 2019

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