We formed Bend Camper Rental following a brainstorming session over coffee outside the Overkill Campers shop in Bend, Oregon. We realized that prospective Overkill Campers customers could benefit from having an opportunity to realistically preview Overkill Campers’ uniqueness before purchasing their recreational trailer. With that in mind, we set out to create a company that provided a rare camping opportunity for potential buyers. We soon arrived at the idea of offering outdoor opportunities for everyone who wanted to spend quality time in nature without the usual limitations of traditional trailers. 

By offering Central Oregon adventures to Overkill Campers’ potential customers, we take the unknowns out of purchasing these off-road campers.  After trying out the trailers in a manner that suits their ideal use, customers become familiar with an Overkill Camper and the option packages available for order.

From the beginning, our goal was to create a welcoming, family feeling for all customers. With that in mind, we’d like you to explore our website to learn more about the campers and book your experience. Check out our social media platforms, where you’ll find a friendly place for sharing experiences and stories.

We’ve added partnerships with additional suppliers, manufacturers, including FCA (Dodge, Jeep, and Ram), who bring premium products, rental equipment, and upgrade options to all Bend Camper Rental customers.

About the Owners:

Jacob Feuerman

Jacob is the founder and co-owner of Bend Camper Rental. His background is in business management of adventure companies. He has successfully started and built companies from the ground up and also been brought on to multiple companies to develop new strategies, expand to new regions, expand the product line, and develop marketing platforms. His passion is for the outdoors and extreme sports. When Jacob is not building businesses, he plays in the outdoors with his wife and their dog. 

Elissa Feuerman

Elissa is co-founder and co-owner of Bend Camper Rental. She is a teacher with a background as an outdoor educator. Through her experiences, Elissa has found a passion for teaching youth and bringing together the best educational practices currently developed by top institutions. When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys trips with Jacob and their German Shepherd, Porter.

Co-founders of Overkill Campers Experience

Rob Harrison

Rob is a co-owner of Bend Camper Rental. He is a freelance web developer and small business owner involved in web development concentrated within the travel industry. Mentoring clients and working with non-profits are crucial to him. Rob recognizes the importance of spending time in nature and is passionate about environmental education. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors for Red Rock State Park (RRSP) near Sedona, AZ. 

Sharon Harrison 

Sharon is a co-owner of Bend Camper Rental. She brings her joy of hiking in Sedona’s red rocks to the group.  Recently, she and her husband, Rob, parted with their small “luxury” RV because of its limited ability to get them to the places they want to explore. Sharon is excited to bring her writing skills to the team. Past wilderness backpacking experience taught her that less is more in the outdoors.

Co-owners of Overkill Campers Experience